NIKOLA GIOKA Bulgarian brand is associated with the production and marketing of menswear in 1991 in the city.

   Mr. Nichola Kalchev founder of the company brand has found his calling in childhood and 15 - year old deals with the design and technical development of menswear. As a specialist in this area, it offered products are highly vikok class craftsmanship and carefully selected fabrics and materials.

   In stores NIKOLA GIOKA offered elegant costumes from 100% natural fabrics such as wool, wool-silk, linen, cotton and others. , While modern sport - elegant line of jackets, suits, pants, shirts.

   Design and sewing of festive clothing / Prom and Wedding / were a priority every year.

   We want to respond in the best manner the requirements of our customers, each paying special attention to the selection of a model, cut and accessories. They receive personalized service and professionally, as a place to perform free adjustments.